Alain Ducasse

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Hailing from the south west of France, Alain Ducasse is currently at the helm of three restaurants each awarded by three Michelin stars in Monaco, Paris and London. Chef, restaurants creator, contemporary innkeeper, trainer and publisher, in thirty years Alain Ducasse developed a unique know-how which illustrates under many forms the French art of good living and eating.

More than twenty restaurants around the world, three inns in Europe, the presidency of an independent hotels association, a culinary publishing house, an international Education division with cooking school for all in Paris as well as a pastry school for professionals and amateurs alike and a culinary training center for chefs. His curiosity has no limits, no frontiers. He gets inspiration from the world, soaking up its cultural diversity.

Original creations, attention to the tiniest details, technical expertise, excellence as a goal are what best describe the Chef and his cuisine which is definitely identity-focused. It's important for him to go back to basics. Begin with real and original tastes. Allow them to fully express their vibrancy and subtlety. Give technique back its real role, its single purpose -revealing the flavors of nature.

Dissemination of knowledge, transmitting passion, sharing of a culinary culture are essential elements of the expression of his job.

If it were to describe him in a few words, it would be: passion, pleasure, sharing, harmony, leadership, rigour, curiosity, melting, excellence, respect, audacity and origins. Those 12 values are his code d'honneur.

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